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Drought big
impact on the Good at Religionist
people the start. connotations
Ironic ­ the loss
Set in a Indian
valley. BLESSIN of water is not
good in the long
Central pipe G
important in
Suffering a Small valley.
the poem.
The pipe drought.
bursts.…read more

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"The skin cracks like a pool, There never is enough water"
Similarity ­
`Skin' = the ground, dry and hard like the `skin' of the
people, wrinkled, dehydrated, looks old even on young
children. It is dry, cracking, breaking down.
`Never' = increases the impact that there is `never enough'
water for the village, but they manage with the little
amount they have. This symbolise the poverty with in
the Indian.
`Pod' = symbolise crops however, the fact that there is not
enough water, the crops are poor and hardly enough
for the village.…read more

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"Silver crashes to the ground"
`Silver' = emphasize, expensive, valuable.
`Crashes' = Destructive verb, indicates that the village
people's dreams are crashing to `ground'.
The fact that the commutate is destroy right in front of them.
This makes us feel devastated for them as they watch their
dreams fall apart right in front of their eyes.…read more

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"A roar of tongues"
Roar' = noise, panic but yet happiness as the water flows
towards them and they can drink as much as they
want. However, it is short lived as it will soon run out
and they will have no water left of for the rest of the
There is fear with in, anger, worry, concern, fury, rage.
Animal imagery.
`Tongues' = implies all the village is rushing towards the
water, try to save as much as they can, before it all
soaks away.…read more

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"A congregation every man woman child"
`Congregation' = the village people are close to one
Religionist connotations.
Water is their god, they respect and cherish it.
They believe water is their saver.
`man woman child' = this indicates that no matter how old or
young, male or female, everyone is equal, this is display by the use
of no commons between the different types of people.…read more

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"Small bones"
`small' = implies that the people don't get enough nutrient,
which helps them to grow and develop properly.
It can also mean the children of the village, the smaller
Image of vulnerability, powerless, innocent.
The children have their whole lives ahead of them.…read more

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