Culture poems

poems from other cultures 

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Love after Love

It uses hospitality language-celebration, very positive choice of words with 'hands clapping' making it seem joyful .it is directly addressed to the reader (Half Caste), also uses imperatives and commands 'gives' 

It is more encouraging and less controlling there are more suggestions than commands the use of 'will' very affirming (imperative) it is a statement that is reassuring the future.

The poem suggests as you go through life you loose touch with yourself but later on you will rediscover your true self.

It uses relationship language but truly means the relationship with yourself.

Uses standard English but is less about cultural issues and more about personal things. Cultural roots are Christian- suggesting it being about religoun 

Finding your own identity, when you return to your roots there will be help. 

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the first thing he does in the poem is raising the issue, 

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