Poems From Different Cultures

How to structure the perfect answer. 


Step 1

Write About the Theme 

  • Highlight the theme and other key words in the question
  • Spend time on thinking about which poem is best to choose to compare with the one mentioned in the question
  • Define it 
  • The explain how the theme is then used in the poem that is given in the question. 
  • Make sure that you keep this paragraph short, and mention as many key words from the question as posible 
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Step 2

Compare the Structures Of Each Poem 

  • Use one sentence to open this paragraph to say how the structure of the two poems relates to the theme of the question
  • Use the structure parts of each poem to explain how in more detail how the structure of poems actually relates to the theme in the question 
  • Write about the similarities and the differences in each of the structures of both poems For example if any of these are apparent: 
    • Line length 
    • Stanza Shape 
    • Repetion 
    • Symmetry 
    • Punctuation 
    • Layout 
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Step 3

Compare the Use of Language in Each  Poem 

  • for each poem pick the type of language that best relates to the theme then for each poem write a few sentences about how it relates 
  • explain similarites and differences in the that the two poets use the language in either of the poems: 
    • Images, similies , meptaphors 
    • Powerful words 
    • assonance 
    • personification 
    • aliteration 
    • tone 
    • who is speaking 
    • question and comands 
    • non-standard english 
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Step 4

Compare the feelings of the poets 

  • Write one sentence about how the feelings of the poets are similar or different 
  • Relate to the theme of question 
  • look at the poets feelings or attitudes parts of poem and pick the one that relates best to the theme of question 
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Step 5

Write about how poem makes you feel 

  • This gives an important first person response 
  • you could say which poems you prefer and why 
  • say what you have learnt about the theme
  • show some empathy, you could connect the poem to your own personal experiences and feelings
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Important Notes

  • You should look on the AQA website to get mark schemes to give direction of how to answer your question 
  • put all the poems into themes  
  • remember you only have 45 minutes to spend on this question 
  • so use ten minutes to plan always 
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