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RS revision note 2.4
Religion and community cohesion…read more

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Community Cohesion A common vision and shared sense of belonging in society
Discrimination Treating people less favourably due to their Ethnicity / gender / age /
sexuality / colour / class
Ethnic minority A member of an ethnic group (race) which is much smaller than the
majority group
Interfaith Marriages Marriage where the husband and wife are from different religions
Multi-Ethnic society Many races and cultures living together in one society
Multi-Faith society Many religions living together in one society
Prejudice Believe that some people are inferior or superior without knowing them
Racial harmony Different races / colours living together in harmony
Racism The belief that some races are superior to others
Religious freedom The right to practise or change you're religion
Religious pluralism Accepting that all religions have the right to coexist
Sexism Discriminating against someone due to their gender…read more

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Government promoting CC
What the government did to promote community cohesion :
· Financially helps groups that promote it.
· 2006 it had to be taught in schools
· Race religions act crime and disorder act, Religious and racial hatred act
· Set up the equality and human rights commission to make sure everyone is treated
Why is Community cohesion important :
· Might lead to disagreement (riots in Burnley 2001)
· In countries without cohesion violence is happening daily (Iraq, Afghanistan)
· No cohesion = people leading different lives and never getting on
· Everyone can learn to respect one another and live peacfully…read more

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Attitudes to men + women
How they have changed:
· Equal property rights
· Right to vote
· Equal pay
· Right to act against discrimination
Why they have :
· 2ww women took the men's jobs when they were away
· other countries give them equal rights making it hard to ignore
· Change in laws meant they had to be paid the same and unfair treatment to
women wasn't acceptable…read more

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Christian attitudes to women in church
Traditional protestant attitude
Men = head of the family, women= not speak in church or be priests . Think this because :
· St Paul ­ women shouldn't speak In church and should submit to their husbands
· Adam created first Eve second Traditional Protestant : only men should be
· Jesus on had male disciples leader ­ the bible says so
· It is a tradition in the church
Liberal Protestant attitude Liberal : equal and women
Men and women should have equal roles in life and church can be priests
· Genesis : Man and woman were made together in Gods image
· St Paul : there is neither male or femal you are all one in Christ
· Jesus treated his followers as equals and had women followers eg Martha and Marry
· Marry Magdalene saw Jesus first after he rose and was told to tell the others
· Evidence of women priests in the early church
Catholic attitude Catholic : Men and women are equal but only men
Equal roles in life but not in church. priests
· Jesus was man and the vicar represents Jesus at communion
· Jesus only chose men to be his successors…read more

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UK ­ Multi ethnic society
Always has been multi ethnic eg roman, Celts, Saxons etc
After WW2 many people from the common wealth came to Britain for work
Laws have passed in Britain to protect people from racism
· Less chance of war because get to know and like each other
· Better progress ­ new people = new ideas
· Life better , different types of food music fashion and entertainment
· Many different races following the same religion
· Help us to realise how much we have in common
Problems :
· Minority groups experience racism
· Immigration puts pressure on services ie school hospitals etc
· Members of ethnic minorities can sometimes still not speak english this can lead to
frustration…read more

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