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Peace and Conflict
Aggression ­ attacking without being provoked.
Bullying ­ intimidating/frightening people weaker than yourself
Conflict resolution ­ bringing a fight or a struggle to a peaceful conclusion
Exploitation ­ taking advantage of a weaker group
Forgiveness ­ Stopping blaming someone and/or pardoning them for what they have done…

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Just War
The Just War Theory
St. Thomas Aquinas was a Christian monk who wrote a list of rules to be met before a Christian could go to war. There were similar
ideas established in Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism much earlier. The rules ar:
1. It has to be…

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Christians should treat anyone in trouble as they would treat Jesus ­ eg. Parable of the Sheep and Goats. No
Christian would bully Jesus and so they should not bully anyone.
All the Christian Churches teach that Christians should protect human rights. The right to live free from fear is…




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