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Religious Education Notes
Unit 10- Catholic Christianity
Edexcel…read more

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Unit 10.1 ­ Beliefs And Values…read more

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The Apostles Creed
· A statement of main Christian beliefs
· Goes back to the time of apostles
· Probably used by early Christians at baptisms
· States there's one God
· Who revealed himself as the Father, Son and
Holy Spirit
· Which is the Holy Trinity…read more

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God The Father and Creator
· Is all powerful ­ Omnipotent
· Is everywhere ­ Omnipresent
· Is all knowing ­ Omniscient
· Is all good - Benevolent…read more

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He created everything
· So everything is good and has a purpose
· Mankind is special because we are made in his
image and likeness
· We are at `the top' of creation
· But we are responsible for the care of the rest of
· Life is sacred because God created it
· So we should treat all life with respect…read more

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Gods role as a Father
· God loves and cares for his creation like a
· He provides us with what we need in life and
protects us from Evil
· Christians have a special relationship with God
and turn to him for help as a father…read more

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