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Topic 1 : Population Dynamics
By Shruti Satish…read more

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I can describe how the world's population is changing, both
in MEDCs and LEDCs
· The population in · The population in
MEDCs is LEDCs are
increasing but the increasing rapidly
rate of increase even though there
has decreased are high death
because the death rates the birth rate
rate is lower than is very high.
birth rate…read more

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I can describe what happens in each stage of the
demographic transition model
In Stage 1 of the demographic transition model the birth rate and death rate are fluctuating and there
is no major increase or decrease of population. However in Stage 2 of the model, the death rate falls
rapidly and the birth rate stays the same and so there is a big population growth. In stage 3 of the
model, the birth rate falls and the death rate stays stable and so the population growth is slow. In the
last stage of the demographic transition model the death rate remains stable however the birth rate
fluctuates and this means that the population is increasing very slowly. The natural increase is the
birth rate minus the death rate.…read more

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I can explain why birth rates, death rates change overtime
with examples
Birth Rates change Death Rates change
overtime because: overtime because:
· Of policies introduced in · Of natural disasters
the country and whether · The health services
the govern available in the country
· Financial statuses of the
country and whether or
not people can afford to
have children
· If people have time to
look after children, or if
they want to be working
instead…read more

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I can explain why infant mortality rates are high in poor
Infant mortality rates are high in poor countries because families do
not have the money to support the children and sometimes the infant may
die of not being supported with enough resources. It may also be because
there are more diseases and health problems in poorer countries and
there aren't enough health services to help the infant. Also in poorer
countries, people have more children and since they fend for all of them,
lots of the infants die.
I can explain why life expectancy is high in rich countries
Life expectancies are higher in rich countries because people have
more money for treatments and also they have enough money to spend
on resources to help them live longer. Also living conditions are better in
rich countries. Health treatment is more available and advanced in richer
countries and this increases people's life expectancies.…read more

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I can describe the economic and social effects of an ageing
The government have to The society is much more
spend more money to friendlier and people have
invest in services for the the wisdom of the elderly
elderly. There is also more Also there is less pollution
pressure put on public as the ageing population
services. use public transport
There is a greater instead
dependant population and There are also more jobs
so there are less people available in care homes
working and earning and and in hospitals to look
increasing the economy after more of the ageing
Also more money has to population
be invested in things that
the elderly might need
such as homes…read more

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