British Political history 1945-90: consensus and conflict edexcel as: chapter 6

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British Political history 194590: consensus and conflict edexcel as
Chapter 6 Labour in power, 194670
The New gov
Wilson ­ UK run by energetic meriocrats not aging artito crats
More intelligent and lower middle class tastes
Pragmatic master of short term fixes + outmaneuvering Tory opponents
Allowed cabinet to talk itself out
Brown resented Wilson ­ dependent on drink department of economic affairs
Wilson experimented with cabinet resuffles
Objective to revitalize economy + increase GDP more than Germnay & Japan
Had to develop tech in order to catch up
The struggle to survive 196466
4% growth for economy was predicted
New ministry of tech established Cousins
Younger eye catching ministers promoted in `65= dynamic change
Wilson good relation with US + avoided sending troops to Vietnam
Callaghan ­ chancellor of exchequer severe balance of payment+ devaluation of the
Help massive loan from BOE+ temporary taxes on imports
General election 1966
Labour gained 48% of vote
Derbyshire traditional Tory fell for Labour
The civilized society
'65 suspended capital punishment > '69 abolished
Criminal justice bill in '67 end of birching of young offenders
Legalized homosexuality and abortion allowed family planning for everyone
Race relations Act ­ investigated complaints of discrimination
Education & culture
Committed to further comprehensive education unable to fully fulfil pledge
Jennie Lee Minister For the arts increased funding for arts and grants
Expansion of polytechnics
More drugs were available on NHS+ staff doubled due to increase in taxes
Antismoking campaign and banned cigarette adverts on TV
Devaluation and recovery
Bank rate increased
Government spending cuts
Restrictions on H.P
Wage freezes
Higher cost of things
France veteoed UK entry into eurpean common market

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Denis Healey and defence
Determined to reduce defense commitments & expenditure
Stopped producing aircraft carriers and less expenditure on territorial army
All British troops had to leave Asia by 1971
Taming the unions (but not very much)
March 68 Brown resigned drink problems
Fair deal at work' cooling off periods before the strikes
`In place of strife' unions would be subject to certain circumstances Barbara Castle
`A solemn & Binding agreement' TUC promised to monitor strikes and labour
disputes settle them
Developments within the Tory…read more


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