Edexcel B Unit 3: Human Environment Case Study questions

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Human case study facts `test yourself'
Economic Change
China (MIC) ­ growth of the secondary sector

1. What percentage of China's responsibilities is on clothes? How many on shoes?
2. What percentage of China's responsibilities is on microwave ovens?
3. What percentage of China's responsibilities is on mobile phones?

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6. Name one Brownfield site that has a retail function in Oxfordshire.

Impacts of deindustrialisation ­ Teesside, NE England

1. What happened in the 1980s due to the price of oil?
2. What factors reduced the workforce? A fall in what and improvements in what?
3. What was the workforce…

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15. What percentage of households illegally `tap' into the electrical supply?

Population Change
Distribution and density of population ­ UK as a whole

1. What compass direction of the UK is densely populated?
2. What kind of weather does it have which influences this?
3. What sea oil is piped…

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1. What is the best adjective to describe the natural scenery of Nepal currently?
2. What kind of activity is highly popular in Nepal?
3. Is tourism the biggest cash earning industry in Nepal?
4. Do locals get wealthier or poorer with tourism occurring?
5. What happens to the country?…

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