Why is your chosen location attractive to tourists? Edexcel coursework on tourism

This is my geography coursework on why is your chosen location attractive to tourists. This document includes methodology, data presentation and introduction to the topic as well as location of Grasmere. 

I can include data analysis or conclusion or evaluation as i can not take it out of the place where you work as they are controlled sections.

Hope you find this helpful.

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Geography Coursework
"Why is Grasmere attractive to tourists?"
To help answer this question I will take up a null hypothesis of:
"There are no factors that detract tourists from the village of
I have taken up the null hypothesis as it can be proven or disproven during our investigation whilst we
visit the location through a number of primary methods such as a litter or vandalism and graffiti
survey in locations selected from maps.
Whilst we are at the village of Grasmere we will also have a number of aims that we would like to
fulfil. Some of these aims can be seen in the table below:
Table 1.0:
Aims: To find out if most tourists visit Grasmere specifically or as an extra in the Lake District
by carrying out surveys through the use of questionnaires.
To find out what, if any attractions are there in Grasmere.
To plan and complete methods of data collection.
To prove or disprove the hypothesis stated above.
To further my understanding of geographical studies
To find out the answer to our aims we have set out a number of key questions:
1. Is Grasmere located in an attractive and accessible part of the
In this question I will look to find out if Grasmere is located in an attractive part of the
country, by doing so it will help me answer my aims to find out why people visit Grasmere. I
will do this by carrying out a tourism questionnaire asking whether tourists think that
Grasmere is located in an attractive part of the country.
2. What human attractions are located in Grasmere?
To support our study and to answer the hypothesis we will carry out surveys of attractive
locations in Grasmere and find out to see what tourists believe are the human attractions of
the area if any.
3. What Physical attractions are located in Grasmere?

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The main physical attraction in Grasmere is the Lake itself. It is one of the smaller lakes in the
Lake District but has great walks around it and a small privately owned island in the middle.
The river Rothay also makes for good walks and peaceful places to sit and be inspired is
attractive to tourists. There are also longer walks and hikes near the village of Grasmere such
as Helm Crag, only 0.1 miles from the centre of the village.…read more

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Carrying capacity surveys are important as too many people in such a small
location can off put tourists from visiting the area as can a lack of facilities. We will carry out a
random selection of areas where we will carry out surveys such as looking for litter, graffiti,
vandalism or any footpath erosion. Photos and field sketches will also be made as proof to
be documented later and for raw data.
8.…read more

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This can be seen from the map below.
Figure 1: Map Showing Grasmere in Relation to the A591 and M6
Grasmere is marked as A on the map and as can be seen is located very close to the A591 and fairly
close to the main motorway.
Location of Grasmere
Figure 2: A map showing
the National Parks in
This figure shows the Lake District National
Park, one of 15 national parks in GB.…read more

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Ambleside or Windermere making it a smaller honey pot site.
Figure 4: A map of the
Lake District
This map shows Grasmere in relation
to its position in the Lake District. As
can be seen from the map Grasmere
is located in a central location of the
Lake District, making it easily
accessible and close to major honey
pot sites.
www.lake-district.world-guides.…read more

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Google earth
Figure 6: A map showing a close
area of Grasmere and the A591
This map shows the main road that passes through
Grasmere and the A591 which passes close by but not
through. This means Grasmere does not receive as much
traffic as Ambleside where the A591 passes straight
through. Main attractions such as the Wordsworth
museum and the Gingerbread Shop can be seen on the
map as well as the Heaton Cooper studio.…read more

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In this section I will talk about what methods I will use to collect data to help answer my key
questions. The table below shows all of the information that I will require and how I will
collect them.
Table 2.0:
Key Questions Data Required Methods that will be used
1). Is Grasmere located in an Determining whether the Questionnaire
attractive and accessible part surrounding area is OS/ Google map
of the country? attractive.…read more

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Do Tourists in Grasmere visit For what reasons do Tourism Questionnaire
for a range of reasons? tourists visit Grasmere. National Park Authority
Do they visit specifically or website survey (secondary)
as an extra place?
6).…read more

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Grasmere so it is critical that all our methods are correct and questions simple and easy
to understand.
I will now be explaining how I will perform each method for each of my key questions
1. Is Grasmere located in an attractive and accessible part of the
I will ask peoples opinion about the attractiveness of Grasmere and also how accessible they feel
Grasmere is.…read more

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North East
North West
Yorkshire & the Humber
East Midlands
West Midlands
East of England
South East Scotland Northern Ireland
South West Wales
I am asking this question to find out from which region of the UK do most tourists to Grasmere
come from.
To which age group do you belong?
Please circle
0-18 19-30 31-45 46-60 60+
I am asking this question to find out to what age group is Grasmere most attractive to.…read more


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