Edexcel B Unit 1 :Dynamic Planet (Topic 4 Water World Revision Guide Power Points)

These are the revision powerpoints that I did for my revision notes, and I am putting them up as they are everything you need to know for the dynamic planet exam this monday. This powerpoint is just for the fourth topic which is water world which is one of the compulsory ones, i have put up three other topics already and so yeah i will be putting up the other powerpoints soon :)

BTW these powerpoints are copy right me but all the images like belong to different people and i am just going to say that they are copy right google images as i dont know where each one is individually from so whatever. carry on stop wasting time reading the description and GET REVISING!! ----->

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S Satish…read more

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Topic 4
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The hydrological cycle
is a closed cycle and
the amount of water
in the cycle is always
the same but where it
is will constantly be
changing as water
sometimes will be in a
store or be
transferred.…read more

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Precipitation is when water from the clouds comes back onto the Biosphere and the
lithosphere as rain, snow, hail etc
Interception is when water is intercepted by plants and vegetation and is stored in them
Stem flow is the transfer of water though plants
Transpiration is the water loss from plants through their leaves
Surface Storage is the storage of water on the surface, for example a puddle
Surface Run-Off is when water from the surface runs into a river
Evapo-transpiration is the combined water loss from evaporation and transpiration
Infiltration is the movement of water from the surface into the soil
Saturation is when the soil is full of moisture and cant hold any more
Percolation is the movement of water into the rocks
Aquifers are rocks which store water
Water Table is the level at which saturation occurs in the soil or ground
Through Flow is the transfer of water through the soil towards a river
Groundwater Flow is the flow of water through aquifers towards a river…read more

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