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`'Describe and evaluate a significant moral controversy in medical ethics with reference to a
topic which you have investigated.'' [50 marks; 35 = A01 15 = A02]

I have investigated the moral controversy of abortion; the legal termination of a pregnancy within
the womb before the foetus is viable. This…

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further more as Revealed Theology is based on holy books and scriptures, there are a variety of
sources that can provide people with many answers. On the other hand, the Bible contains many
contradictions whereby it says in Exodus that it is wrong to kill but in Ecclesiastes it says…

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P1: A foetus will develop into a potential person

P2: Potential people have the same rights as actual people

P3: It is wrong to kill an actual person

C: Therefore, it is wrong to kill a foetus.

The potentiality argument is seen as a strong argument as it is supported…

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to kill them as they cannot survive without each other, this therefore suggests that embryos and
humans are the same and that one cannot kill an embryo just because of these four differences.

Many scientists would agree with this view as the moment of conception, an embryo is formed, with…

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fine, but only up to the point where the foetus becomes sentient (having senses and consciousness) ;
this usually occurs around 22-24 weeks as this is when the central nervous system and brain begin to
develop and therefore is no longer a foetus, but rather a human.

Many agree with…

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situations where the life of the mother is in danger; either physically or psychologically, or whether
the foetus has a high risk of becoming handicapped, then abortion is morally acceptable.



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