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Describe and Evaluate a Significant
Moral Controversy in Medical
Ethics, with reference to Abortion
The topic that I have investigated is Abortion. This is defined as "the premature termination
of a pregnancy and foetus". There are two types of Abortion: Natural and Procured. Natural
Abortions occur without any human interference…

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the pregnancy saved the mother's life and the aborted foetus is seen as an unfortunate side
effect. Methodists are less absolutist with their views on Abortion as they say that you cannot
tell when life actually begins, but life is more likely as the pregnancy develops, therefore
earlier abortions are…

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In this respect, the Quality of Life also links to Utilitarianism, described by original scholar
Jeremy Bentham as "the greatest happiness for the greatest numberv". Utilitarianism dictates
that if the majority of people that will be affected by an action are negatively affected, the
action should not take place. If…

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Theology' and modern philosophers such as Albert Schweitzer's theory of `Reverence for
Life'. However, non-believers should not be too affected by the references to religion, as
Abortion is not specifically a religious issue.

Whether abortion is right or wrong is yet to be seen, however the criteria of Personhood put…


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