Investigations Paper- Abortion Plan

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Examine and comment on the possible religious and/or ethical responses that might be made to issues related to medical ethics, with reference to abortion. (50 marks)

75 mins total

5-10 mins planning

Introduction  10 mins   2 Paragraphs

  • Definition- removal of a foetus from the womb before it can survive
  • Common- 1 in 5 pregnancys end in abortion-200,000 a year
  • Catholic church calls abortion "an unspeakable crime and murder"-others see it as a social necissity and a womans right to choice. 
  • Legal situation-1967, 2 doctors, 24 weeks. not legal in other places e.g.Ireland, Malta, Brazil
  • Case studies- Gianna Jessen, Savita. 

Religious Responses  10 mins  4 paragraphs

  • Sanctity of Life- One of the key religious responses to abortion is the principle of the sanctity of life.
  • Definition-life is sacred and God-Given
  • 10 commandments- do not kill
  • Does the S of L apply before birth-psalm 139-Jeremiah
  • Didache-early Christian teaching on Abortion
  • other religious teachings-ahimsa-Hindu idea of non-violence to all living things
  • for


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