When does life begin?

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Potentiality- idea that each sperm and each egg has the potential to become life. Roman catholics would argue masturbation is wrong, contraception is wrong, any ejactulation that is not in a woman is also wrong, the pill is wrong as these all stop the potential of the sperm and egg to become life.

Conception- the sperm and ovum join. The cell is smaller than a grain of salt, but has all 46 chromosomes.

Primitive Streak- This is around day 14 faint line in the group of cells that show whats going to be baby, placenta etc and tells you how many babies you're going to have (e.g. twins) Before 8 weeks its an embroyo and after 8 weeks becomes a foetus

Point of Viability- 24 weeks (6 months) over 50% chance it can survive and can survive if born. Premature babies more likely to have learning disabilities or physical disabilities.

Birth- Occurs 36-40 weeks (9 months)

What makes a person?


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