Edexcel : A2 Unit 3 -Protest, Crisis and Rebellion in England 1536-88 (Mary Tudor)

This is for my History A2 Exam - I did the Tudors

(Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I) 

This powerpoint contains notes on Mary Tudor - in particular :

The system of government and any changes that were made and the religious climate during her reign and any changes she made. 

This was all done by me, feedback and comments would be appreciated!


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Tudors 1536 -
Henry VIII Edward VI Mary I…read more

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The Marian System of government
1553-8 :
· The system of central and local government remained
unchanged during her reign.
· The Privy Council continued to be the centre of the
administration ­ one main criticism was that it was too large
and therefore ineffective ­ membership did reach 43 at one
· It is said the Privy Council was made up of a few members
that were inexperienced politically and in administration ­
because at the beginning of her reign Mary was forced to
choose councillors from her own Household and from the
leading Catholic noblemen that had supported her.
· A few of moderate members of Northumberland's Council
were accepted ­ however never fully trusted. ­ provided
political and administrational ability.
· Rivalry was strong between Catholics (Gardiner) and the
Moderates (Paget).…read more

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The Marian System of government
1553-8 :
· Paget and Gardiner cooperated closely to
restore effective government.
· Affairs of the State were soon largely handled
by the `inner circle' - the experienced
councillors who had reformed the Privy
Council under Northumberland.
· Mary didn't seem to exert any leadership over
her council or any real confidence in them ­
she frequently didn't consult the Council until
she had already decided on policies.…read more

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The Marian System of government
1553-8 :
· Parliament were strongly opposed to Mary's policies ­ little
evidence to show that Mary controlled the HoC regardless
of the Catholic supported (rigged elections).
· She had strong support with the higher clergy in the HoL
after the imprisonment and execution of Cranmer, the
Archbishop of Canterbury, Ridley, Latimer and the Bishop
of Worcester.
· Apart from the disagreement on the marriage ­ both
Houses cooperated with the administration throughout her
· There was lively debates and criticism of policy in the Privy
Council but they never failed to cooperate with Mary.
· Throughout Mary's reign ­ Parliament was concerned with
local affairs and the protection of property rights.…read more

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The Marian System of government
1553-8 :
· The Marriage Issue :
· The issue of the Royal marriage highlighted Mary's
political inexperience and stubbornness. The Privy
Council were also divided on the matter.
· Two realistic choices :
· Edward Courtenay ­ Earl of Devon (favoured by
Gardiner) = was a descendant of English Kings ­
strengthened the Tudor dynasty.
· Phillip of Spain (favoured by Paget) = Mary
favoured a closer link with the Habsburgs.…read more

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thank you so much, this was really helpful!!!!

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