Edexcel : A2 Unit 3 -Protest, Crisis and Rebellion in England 1536-88 (Edward VI)

This is for my History A2 Exam - I did the Tudors

(Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I) 

This powerpoint contains notes on Edward VI - in particular :

The system of government and any changes that were made, laws and proclamations and the religious climate during his reign and any changes he made. - This is for the periods under Somerset and Northumberland

This was all done by me, feedback and comments would be appreciated!


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Tudors 1536 -
Henry VIII Edward VI Mary I…read more

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Edward VI…read more

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Edward VI
Under Somerset…read more

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Changes in Government :
1547 ­ 49 (Somerset)
· When Somerset became Lord Protector he inherited a
government where the power of the monarch was based in
· Both Houses had to approve proposals for taxation and confirm
any new law before they became permanent.
· However, the Monarch could call parliament to meet as often, or
as infrequently as he chose.
· When Parliament wasn't in session, the monarch could make new
laws through proclamations or could suspend existing laws but
these decisions had to be confirmed when parliament met again.
· Royal prerogative ­ issues which the monarch had complete
control = making of war and peace.
· Religion had always been seen to be under royal prerogative ­
UNTILL Henry used parliament to carry through the Reformation =
meaning that it was more disputed.…read more

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Changes in Government :
1547 ­ 49 (Somerset)
· Privy Council ­
· They carried out the day-to-day administration ­
the member were chosen by the monarch (from
nobles, high clergy and more important gentry).
· They were chosen because of their loyalty,
administrative/military skills and could be
dismissed at any time.
· They were also responsible for the running of local
government.…read more

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Changes in Government :
1547 ­ 49 (Somerset)
· Local government ­
· These were run by nobles and high clergy in each county.
· They were expected to maintain order, administer justice,
collect taxes, raise troops and carry out instructions from
the Privy Council.
· They were supported by the local gentry ­ they acted as
Justices of the peace and commissioners for collecting
taxes and assisting the Lord Lieutenants in mustering the
county militia.
· Major problem with this = if the leading families didn't
support the government not didn't like legislation ­ they
wouldn't carry out the instructions from London =
meaning the government had to be careful to maintain
the confidence and support of the majority of the landed
elites.…read more

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