ASA/UKCC Level One Teaching aquatics (QCF)

ASA/UKCC Level One Teaching aquatics (QCF)

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UKCC/ASA Level one Teaching aquatics (QCF)
Hayley Bull
Task three
The club has a diverse membership........ Attracting participants from many different
communities within the city and with different needs.
Why do you think that it is important to recognise diversity and to treat all participants and their
parents equally?
To stop different people feel that they have been discriminated against and so that swimmers can
achieve their best performance.
Task seven
All our volunteers work closely as a team. Give two (2) reasons why you think this is
1. So that a greater knowledge of the sport can be shared with other coaches, participants and
2. Together more people can succeed in their sport as more knowledge is shared and
participants can progress in and out of sessions as information maybe given to parents who
may help the swimmer.
Give two (2) examples of how you think teamwork can impact positively on the club:
1. Participants can progress at the highest of their abilities as improved programming and
planning are in place
2. Everyone knows what they are doing and what can be expected of them.
Task eight
When you start volunteering for the club we like all our helpers to constantly look to improve their
performance. Give two (2) reasons why you think this is important?
1. To raise the standard of teaching so that participants can learn from an experienced helper
2. To develop your understanding and to be able to give out more information to the swimmer
form personal experience.
Task nine
The club holds regular parent, swimmer and volunteer clinics where feedback is sought
and given on a whole host of issues.

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Give two (2) reasons why it is important to obtain feedback from colleagues, such as other
coaches/ teachers, support staff and senior coaches/ teachers:
1. Check for an understanding in sport and teaching/coaching ideas
2. Can be used to support the learning for you as a teacher/ coach and the understanding of
time management, planning and communication
Give three (3) examples of how this feedback can be used?
1.…read more

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Criminal Record Bureau check
Identify two (2) ASA procedures in place to support you with your role at the club:
Code of ethics/ conduct
Swim line
Task Twelve
The ASA also have a code of ethics that all club volunteers should adhere to.…read more

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What type of injuries and illnesses may you caom across during your club duties? Identify:
Two (2) possible injuries:
Two (2) possible illnesses:
Viral infection
Task two
Identify the types of information needed to plan the activity within the session (102.1 1.4).
I need at least three (3) types of information regarding the participants and three (3) types
of information regarding resources:
Participant information:
1. Ability
2. Age
3.…read more

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Last time the club ran an open evening there were a few issues (such as cleanliness, health
and safety) which put a bit of a damper on the evening. Therefore you are determined that
such issues will not be a problem this time so have recruited some of the senior swimmers
to help out.…read more

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So you do not repeat the same thing and so you know people's likes and dislikes and what could
have been better.…read more

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What advice could you give to anyone who may identify a fault with the equipment on the
Outline what checks should be made
Make sure that it is in goo working order, there is no visible damage with any sharp edges which are
a hazard and if there are any loose / frayed parts
How and to whom should faults be reported?
Problems should be reported to head coach and/ or the duty manager or other colleagues verbally
and/written.…read more

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Self presentation if the teacher is dressed appropriately then the participants will not get
distracted and will improve performance. This can also maintain the clubs/ your reputation
Duty of care All staff have a duty of care towards who they are working with weather it's a
colleague, parent or participant it helps keep these people safe.…read more


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