sports development lesson notes

sports development lesson notes

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Monday 11th October 2010
Sports development
The voluntary sector clubs are funded and run by members for the benefit of all the members. The
aim being to provide opportunities to be involved in sport on a competitive level. If you took part in
sports in and out of school and college it is likely that it will be through the voluntary sector.
Identifying voluntary sector clubs
1. They provide for competitive sports
2. They only offer opportunity for one sport
3. They are funded by members on a yearly membership basis and charge fees for individual
matches as well
4. They rarely own their own facilities and will hire facilities from the public sector
5. They may receive sponsorship from local businesses
6. They are managed by a committee voted for by the local members
7. They are not trying to make a profit
8. They are usually named after their town or area
9. They have to be affiliated through the national governing body
Voluntary sector funding
Annual subscriptions from members
Match day fees
Fund raising events such as social evenings and fetes
Local sponsorship often fr4om their own members
Grants from governing bodies
National lottery grants

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You are going to start a team to participate in the west Herts college multi sport league
Pick a: -
Team name
The cost of each week
Design the kit
Training sessions
Sport: swimming
Name: splash
Price a week: £7.…read more

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Sector links
Public sector
Public sector facilities are provided by local authorities with the aim of offering people a positive
activity to do in their leisure time.
These facilities often loose money as they do not charge enough money for entrance or membership
to make a profit. However, this is not important because they want to improve the quality of
people's lives and offer them the benefits of taking part in sport.
Public facilities
1. They are funded by money from the local council
2.…read more

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Local authority by council tax
National government taxes
Entrance fees
Hiring charges
Small scale sponsorship
Special grants
Money from the national lottery…read more


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