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Did Germans gain from
Nazi rule?…read more

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Economic Recovery and
The Nazis came to power because they promised to
solve to two most pressing issues: unemployment
and crisis in German farming.
The National Labour Service sent men on Public
works projects and conservation programmes, in
particular to build a network of motorways
In 1935 Hitler reintroduced conscription, which
reduced unemployment. When Hitler decreed that
Germany would have a world class air force it
boosted Hitler's popularity because they boosted
National Pride. In 1936 he introduced the four-
Year-Plan (under control of Goering ) to get the
German economy ready for war.…read more

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The Nazis and the Workers.
Hitler promised to reduce unemployment
which helped to ensure popularity among
industrial workers.
Hitler needed good workers to create
industries which could make Germany great
and establish a new German empire.…read more

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Initiatives to win Support of
Industrial Workers
Propaganda praised workers and associated them with
Strength Through Joy (KDF) gave them cheap
theatre/cinema ticket, and organised courses, trips and
sports events. Workers were offered cut-price cruises
on the latest luxury liners.
Thousands of workers saved 5 marks a week in the state
scheme to but the Volkswagen Beetle, the "peoples
car" however no people ever received this car, as car
production halted by the war in 1939.
The Beauty of Labour movement improved working
conditions, and introduced washing facilities and low
cost canteens.
However the cost of this was that the workers lost their
trade unions and they had to join the DAF (General
labour Front) run by Dr Ley, this kept strict control over
workers Wages remained low.…read more

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Nazis and Farming communities
In September 1933 Hitler introduced the Reich
Food Estate under Richard Darre, this set up
central boards to buy agricultural produce from the
farmers and distribute it to markets across
The Reich Entailed Farm Law gave peasants state
protection for their farm: banks therefore couldn't
seize their land if they couldn't pay
Part of the Nazi philosophy was "blood and Soil",
they thought that peasant Farmers ere the bass of
Germany's master race.
However because of the Reich Entailed Farm Law
banks were less willing to lend money to farmers.…read more

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Big Businesses and the middle class
Many middle class people were grateful to the
Nazis for eliminating the Communist threat to
their busineses.
Big companies no longer had to deal with trade
unions or striking.…read more

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