The Church

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  • USE - 1993: Nearly all Gers christians. Protestant Churches had more members than any other German organisation. 
  • USE - churches agreed with many moral policies of Nazi Party e.g. role of women
  • USE - church was a local power base for Nazis, if they could build on this....!?
  • Protestants Pastors/Ministers among most powerful Nazi speakers, they did public speaking for a job.
  • USE - many church members had voted for H
  • DESTROY - Church meetings could be used to spread anti-nazi ideas
  • DESTROY - Religious beliefs = powerful, people who believe in God may be less likely to believe in H and some unchristian Nazi Policies. 
  • DESTROY - the church are very influential, caths would obey the Pope 1st, they have youth groups that don't teach Nazi values.
  • DESTOY - some prominent nazis anti-christian, Nazis are fundamentally anti-christian, they promote war, hate & struggle. Church = tolerance, freedom, peace. 

The WR & the Church had worked closely with each other, the church was involved in matters like education. Hitler thought religion should comply with the state & wanted churches to promote Nazi ideals. The Nazi Party was careful to maintain support from the Church & Protestant Churches during his rise to power - they were so popular. But as he consolidated his totalitarian state his control over them increased. He tried to get them to work with the Nazi Dictatorship. 

Church Structure: Anti-semitic, hostile to communists. H aimed to gain their support then control and eradicate their influences.  32% of pop = cath. 58% = prot. Both had popular youth organisations. 

Agreements with the Church

  • H doesn't create conflict with them until he's sure he can win. 
  • 1933 - Catholic Church sign a Concordat (understanding) with Nazi Gov. H promises not to intefere with C.Church (inc their Youth Groups) if the church agree to stay out of ger politics. The Catholic Church had to swear an oath of loyalty to H. 
  • C.Church now banned from speaking out against Nazi Party, H dosen't keep his side of the deal. 
  • Nazi Party start to restrict role in Education. 1935 - begin arresting priests & putting them on trial. 1936 - all cruxifixes removed from schools. 1939 - Cath education DESTROYED, all schools closed down. Cath newspapers supressed…


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