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Germany 19181945

Changes in Germany

By 1918, the Allied was causing serious food shortages in

In December 1918, the Spartacist League tried to start a revolution in Berlin, but this
was crushed by the army and the .

Weimar Germany, 19191923

In 1918, many Germans had liked the authoritarian…

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Growing violence by Nazi Stormtroopers, led by Ernst , and Hitler's assurances
to wealthy , led to Hitler's appointment as Chancellor in January _ .

The Nazi dictatorship

The Reichstag Fire helped Hitler push the through the Reichstag in
March 1933. By July,it had been used to establish a Nazi…

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At the Wannsee Conference, 1942, leading Nazis decided on the "


Many Germans remained opposed to the Nazis the
(a group of students at Munich University) distributed antiNazi leaflets and
organised demonstrations, until their leaders were executed in 1944.

The Rote Kapelle (Red Orchestra) was a group of…

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