History B Unit 2 (Weimar Germany+ Nazi Germany+ Vietnam)

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Treaty of Versailles

Military issues

  • Germany could not have any airforce or submarines
  • Germany's army was limited to 100,000
  • Germany could not keep any troops nor weapons in the Rhineland

Land issues

  • Polish corridor given to Poland
  • Rhineland Demiliterised
  • The Saar given to the league of nations

Blame for defeat

  • Blamed Goverment for signing treaty
  • Goverment accused of 'stabbing Germany in the back'
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Threats to the Weimar Goverment


  • Their rebellion was crushed within four days

Kapp Putsch

  • German capital came to a halt becuase workers striked
  • in the end Kapp and his followers gave up and fled to Berlin

Invasion of the Ruhr

  • French and Belgium troops sent to the Ruhr
  • German economy halted
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Threats to Weimar Goverment continued...


  • Prices rose every half an hour in shops
  • Savings became worthless
  • Many starved as they could not afford food or fuel
  • Famous story of man stealing wheelbarrow rather than the money inside because the wheelbarrow was worth more.


  • Rentenmark replaces old currency
  • Dawes Plan- borrowed money from the Americans
  • Young Plan- reduces reperations
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Munich Putsch- 1923

Plan- Capture Munich and march on Berlin

8th November- Hitler forces Bavarian goverment to support him at gunpoint, leader reluctant and alerts the police and the army.

9th Novemeber- Confrontation between Hitler's party and the army/ police involving weapons

Result- plan fails, and Hitler is arrested and imprisoned 

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How did Hitler become chancellor

Impact of the Wall Street Crash

  • Millions lost their jobs
  • Many homeless
  • Many feel let down by the goverment

Nazis Gain support

  • 1932- Hilter loses in an election against Hindenburg 13 million to 19 million but shows the Nazis gaining support.
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Change from Democracy to Dictatorship

Reichstag Fire

  • Staged by the Nazis?
  • Hitler blames the communist
  • Happens just after Hitler becomes Chancellor, Coincidence?

Enabling Act 1933

  • Hitler needed 2/3 of Reichstag support to pass it
  • Hitler told the SA to intimidate to gain more votes
  • Hitler expelled the communist memebers of the Reichstag
  • Act passed and Hitler able to rule for four years without Reichstag

Knight of the Long Knives

  • German army saw the SA as enemy and would not support Hitler
  • Hitler makes a deal with the army and has around 400 SA executed
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Change from Democracy to Dictatorship continued...

Propaganda and Cencorship

  • Newspapers- were cencored, only allowed print favourable stories about the Nazis
  • Radio- controlled by the goverment- had to be favourable to the Nazis
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How far did people benefit from Nazi rule?

Employment Increased

  • Men aged between 18-25 had to serve the corps for six months
  • Umeployed built big projects like schools and roads ( e.g. autoban)

Women lifes

  • Hitler reveals the three k's (Children, Kitchen, Church)
  • Hitler knows that German women are needed to produce ' the perfect race'
  • Many women are happy with the three k's and their way of living
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