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Emma Burton 13GGS
Countries at very low levels of
economic development face such huge
challenges that they cannot cope to
address them without assistance from
the rest of the world. To what extent do
you agree with this view? (40 marks)
Countries that have very low levels of economic development are otherwise known as LDC's. There
are 50 countries that the UN identifies as `least developed', which includes Burkina Faso, Nepal, Mali,
Haiti and Tanzania. These countries all have a very low GDP per capita at(less than $800/year, as well
as weak human assets such as health and education and a high degree of economic vulnerability, due
to trade deficits and debts. As well as extreme poverty many LDC's also suffer from widespread
conflict, regular natural disasters, political corruption, a lack of political and social sustainability and a
form of government that is authoritarian in nature, such as a dictatorship. All of these factors make it
hard for LDC's to develop, which is why in many cases why the developed world has often provided
support. However, this support can sometimes be given in an inappropriate way which in the long
term may have detrimental effect on the LDC.
Countries such as Afghanistan which have experienced widespread conflict and political unrest, due
to the rise and fall of the extremist Taliban Government and continuing conflicts the within the Middle
East between the Taliban and NATO forces, has resulted in economic development being nearly
impossible. The UN has tried to help by supporting military action as well as protecting civilians,
however, until the conflicts cease there is little hope for stable economic growth.
Natural disasters can be devastating where ever they occur but if they happen in an LDC, the
response and recovery process can be extremely hard if support is not given by the rest of the
world. The Earthquake in Haiti 2010 killed over 230,000 people and destroyed a large proportion of
the buildings in the area close to the epicentre including the capital of Port-au-Prince. Aid was given
from all over the world including from the UK government which alone gave £20 million in aid, which
helped with the recovery process of Haiti, however even with all of the aid given there will be no
economic growth because it was given to be used to recover from a natural disaster.
Aid is not always given as a response to a natural disaster, in most cases it is given to improve the
standard of living of the poor and enable them to enter the global economy, it is also given as a
political influence, since it is not necessarily the poorest that receive most for example aid is still
given to old colonial countries such as India even though it is considered to be an NIC and has an
economy which is growing rapidly. China is currently giving political aid to many countries within
Africa as it is seen to be the next big market that will emerge in the future.
Aid can be given in many different ways, one way aid is given is bilateral, which is direct between
two countries, often to ex colonies which are often tied, e.g. UK DFID (Dept for International

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Emma Burton 13GGS
Development) to Bangladesh. Aid is controlled and monitored and given in the form of money,
personnel, equipment and food. There is also multi-lateral aid which is provided by the World Bank,
IMF, UN FAO, WHO, UNESCO & EU, and in many cases is delivered in the form of Structural
Adjustment Program aiming to help poorest countries such as Tanzania by promoting exports,
reducing government spending and to encourage foreign investment, often with limited positive
effects.…read more

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Emma Burton 13GGS
grouping find it extremely hard to trade with them as there are trade barriers and tariffs in place
which makes products seem more expensive so the goods within the grouping have a comparative
advantage over those who are not in the grouping.
In conclusion I feel that the rest of the world does need to help LDC's with the provision of aid and
debt relief; there should also be further support with regard to trade.…read more


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