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Emma Burton 13GGS

Countries at very low levels of
economic development face such huge
challenges that they cannot cope to
address them without assistance from
the rest of the world. To what extent do
you agree with this view? (40 marks)
Countries that have very low levels of economic development…

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Emma Burton 13GGS

Development) to Bangladesh. Aid is controlled and monitored and given in the form of money,
personnel, equipment and food. There is also multi-lateral aid which is provided by the World Bank,
IMF, UN FAO, WHO, UNESCO & EU, and in many cases is delivered in the form…

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Emma Burton 13GGS

grouping find it extremely hard to trade with them as there are trade barriers and tariffs in place
which makes products seem more expensive so the goods within the grouping have a comparative
advantage over those who are not in the grouping.

In conclusion I feel that…


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