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Development dilemmas

Development ­ the use of resources to improve the
standard of living of a nation.

How can we measure development?

1. Amount of people in secondary, tertiary and quaternary
2. GDP per capita
3. Life expectancy
4. Literacy rate

GDP ­ Gross domestic product. Value of all…

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Why does the core region develop?

Multiplier effect ­ if new jobs are created, people who take
them have money to spend in the shops, which means that
more shop workers are needed. The shop workers pay
their taxes and spend their newfound money, creating yet
more jobs in industries…

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Little or no income

Core and periphery regions develop in a country because of
the multiplier effect and cycle of poverty.
People who live in poor areas who are increasing in wealth
will move out to a periphery region to get a better job and
become richer causing the multiplier…

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- It's multipurpose ­ provides energy drinking water and
- Demands for water are rising as population increases.
- Encourage economic development
- Opens dry land for farming by irrigation
- Makes it possible to store Indian monsoon rain.
- Parts of India are semi dessert and have water…

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Farmers who owned land near the dam ­ LOSE OUT because
the land they owned where they grew their crops to earn a
living has gone so they have lost their lively hood to the

Farmers in Gujarat and Rajasthan ­ BENEFIT because they
are close enough to the…

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Bottom-up development

Bottom up development:
> Experts working with local people and communities to
identify their needs.
> Giving local people control in improving their lives
> Experts assisting with progress.
> Uses appropriate technology that the community would
understand and uses resources nearby.

Biogas in India

Put into the…

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- Cow dung is no longer stored in the home it goes straight
into the biogas digester.
- Dung fermentation within the pit destroys pathogens
sanitation has greatly improved.
- 200000 permanent jobs created as a result.

- Cattle are now kept in the family compound preventing
them from…

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resources. However, the people who believe in the
boserupian theory believe that the world can be made
more sustainable with clean coal, or more efficient car

10 rules of sustainability

1. Involve local people in decision-making.

2. Be affordable: it must not put countries or people in debt.



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