Detente in super power relations

this will show you what the super powers did to try and relieve tensions, there is more people will have to research after detente though,, such as the regan years and the collapse of communism

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How the cold war attempting an ending…read more

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Notable people in this bit
US presidents USSR leaders
Roosevelt-1933- 1945 Stalin-1922-1953
Kennedy- 1961-1963 Kruschev- 1953-64
Nixon-1969-1974 Brezhnev-1964-1982
Carter-1977- 1981 Gorbachev-1990-1991
·Chinese leader ­Mao- 1943-1976…read more

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People thought that the Détente was a thaw
in relations between the East and the West,
whereas it was really an extension of
Khrushchev's peace policy of co-existence.…read more

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Reasons for Detente
Cuban missile crisis
Economic difficulties
oil…read more

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Cuban missile crisis
Both sides had been damaged, and realised
that the relation was dangerously bad
between them.
So talks began in the early 1960's but there
was still fears and tension…read more

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This seemed to doom all hope of a better
USA and the Soviets began to accept each
other's area of influence around the world…read more

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