desertification solutions case study, great green wall of china

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Sustainability- solutions to desertification
China's great green wall
Need to protect area from wind and water erosion
Afforestation-350,000km2 of forest along the Northern China region
Protect farmland from wind and water erosion
Improve land management
Stabilise sand dunes and reclaim degraded land
Reasons for desertification
Due to unsustainable farming methods: overgrazing, deforestation,
increased demands for water lower water table, over cultivated soil
Product cultivated land from erosion
Restore soil fertility
Improve local economy
Provide a sustainable source of timber
Trees used are drought resistant
Teach appropriate cultivation techniques/ recycle organic material
Controlled management of grazing lands
Cheap to produce
Encourages wildlife
Increases moisture
Renewable source of timber
Long term investment
Been successful
Manageable scale
Afforestation produces oxygen
Takes a long time to grow trees
Takes up a lot of land that could be used to grow crops
Vulnerable to damage from hazards like tropical storms, earthquakes and

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Evaluation of sustainability
Yes- creates other opportunities like wildlife, timber source. Also, is cheap
to start up, so there will be no funding problems.
No- long time to grow trees; if trees are destroyed then it would take a
long time to grow then again
Sustainable as trees can be easily planted and the costs are low.…read more


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