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Geography notes:

Going Global:

Globalisation world becoming more connected. Due to MNC, internet, mobile phones and speed of transport.

Migration: ¼ of anaesthetists have moved to the UK. 27000 polish migrants are claiming child benefits. 2/3's of eastern
European migrants are from Poland. The average wage in Poland is £250…

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The World at Risk

Hydrometeorological flood, drought, storm surges, hurricanes and bushfires.
Geophysical Tectonic e.g. earthquake, tsunami, volcanoes. Movement e.g. landslides.
Vulnerable groups women, (in Asian tsunami women were twice as likely to die as men) children, elderly,
disabled (56% of those killed were elderly, children or disabled) uneducated (60%…

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California suffers floods due to heavy rain 90% of California's floods are through river flooding caused by excess rain.
Sacrament river 1995 killed 20 billion cost 2 billion dollars . California also experiences fires, driven by hot dry winds
and low humidity. 1970 Laguna was devastated by fire.
California capacity…

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enough to replace city but a replacement would cost 30billion and there have been cuts to flood defence spending. Built
as a result of 1953 storm low pressure weather system and high winds on surface of ocean. Storm surge effect 1400 km
of coastline storm waves over 6metres high 30000…

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inuit villages in Alaska are now vulnerable to flooding. 80% of inuits still hunt fish which are decliing in numbers(80% of
fish types are declining) 70% of inuit income is from hunting so declining stocks massive effect. Also cannot hunt their
own food, imported goods are expensive would cost a…

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Mitigation policies are meant to delay reduce or prevent climate change. Such as cutting c02 emissions. The IPCC's 4th
assessment emphasises the importance of mitigation.

· Its plans are that we currently have to Improve energy supply and distribution efficiency fuel switching from
coal to gas or other renewable resources…

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improving infrastructure
Tornado damage prevention (MEDC) No way to actively prevent a tornado from occurring, so to prevent
the damage houses must be reinforced to withstand fierce winds. People build storm cellars and reinforce houses
with metal and plywood, to keep the houses structure from falling. Make sure any…

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sea walls, river embankments drains, channels. Improving early warning systems and shelters, banning urban growth in
areas of flood risk and improving santiation so water infections after flooding can be reduced.

Volcano in an MEDC: Mt St Helens
53 of the 57 killed (very high number for MEDC) were in…

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San Francisco Development
In 1906 earthquake magnitude was 7.9, 150 subsequent fires destroyed 80% of the city death toll over 3000. Measures
to restrict impact of earthquakes each house equipped with a survival kit including torch, water, disinfectant, radio,
batteries, shoes, money, helmet, medication and a fire extinguisher. Education of…

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