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Databases the capture of data and
the prevention of data entry errors
ICT GCSE exam prep topic 16

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Suggested Notes Plan
What is a database?
What is it used for?
How can we capture data to store in
How can we prevent data capture errors?

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What is a database?
A database is a collection of data held
together in an organised and logical way
± Eg address books
± Filing cabinets
± Even the yellow pages
These are all paper based databases
Stored everything in a logical way (mostly

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Computer based databases
Also store data in a logical and ordered fashion
BUT the data is stored on a computer system (not
± When you search Google you are not actually
searching the Internet you are searching Googles
database of the Internet
± Electoral register
± Police criminal database…

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Advantages of Computerised
Hold vast amounts of data
Can find data in a computerised system very quickly
Can find data based on specific criteria (all customers
who live in OX3 postcode)
Can analyse data fairly easily
Can sort data on ascending or descending using
multiple criteria
Can easily update…

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How do databases work
Databases store data in tables which contain
fields and records
How many fields and how many records in this
StudentID FirstName LastName DOB
CA345 Ben Smith 23/4/95
CB567 John Deer 12/6/95
CC979 Sally Pine 2/8/95
CD455 Joseph Rolf 1/3/95
CE233 Richard Dawkins 10/10/95

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Activity 1
Use Microsoft Access to setup a basic
± Database must store details on your DVD
± Create a drop down box using the lookup wizard
within one of your fields

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Entering Data into a Database
Initially you would have entered data using a
What was it like entering the data?
If you were entering data into a database
which someone else had built would you
find it easy?

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This screenshot shows the signup
screen for Hotmail. Am I entering
data into a website or a database?

If it is a database why am I not
using a table?

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Capturing Data
When you enter data into a database it is
called capturing data
There are two ways to enter data
± Automatic (eg scanning a product at a checkout)
± Manual (typing data about a product into the till)
We will be focussing on Manual data entry
which uses…


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