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Software exam questions
Here are some examples of past exam questions:
1) A computer user enters data into a database. The user has to enter a four-figure serial number e.g. 1234.
a) Give one method used to verify the serial number. [1]
One answer from:
Double entry
Visual verification/proof-read/manual/double-check.

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Size of text box changed.
4) A travel company is producing a page of a brochure that is illustrated. Explain when each of the following is the
most suitable method of obtaining the information. [4]
a) Scanner
If the image exists in non-digital form.
b) Digital camera
One answer from:…

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The image has been change using the flip (mirror, reflect, reverse) tool
The image has been changed using the crop/cut/erase/solid fill tool.
c) Give one reason why it may be wrong to scan an image from a school library book. [1]
It's breaking the copyright law because you have to…

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Reduce the line spacing so it is single line spacing
Add hyphenation so words can be split over two lines
Use the shrink to fit to 1 page option
Edit the letter so it contains fewer words and/or uses abbreviations instead of full words
c) Give two advantages to the…

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Computer can take more accurate readings (will make less errors) than counting manually.
Computer will record every time it is supposed to as won't forget to record one of the readings.
Data recorded by computer is already in digital format so is ready to be used on the computer, for…

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22 Lower West St
Anne-Marie Smith F Cambridge 16-5-1993 13 Yes
CB13 6AT
66 Southside
Sian Williams F Cambridge 12-4-1991 4 No
101 Hull Rd
Darren Martin M Cambridge 18-3-1991 161 Yes
a) Give the most suitable field type for each of these fields:…

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14) a) A history teacher is writing a book on the history of the school. She is using her school computer & her home
computer to write the book. She spends many hours at a computer &, as a result, has some health problems.
State one possible problem & explain…

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a) When the database was designed, each field was given a field type. Tick ( ) one box in each row to show the
most suitable field type for each of the fields. [4]
Field type chosen
Field name Boolean Alphanumeric Numeric
Car stock code
Type of car…

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a) Give two reasons why she would use a spreadsheet for this task. [2]
Two answers from:
Automatically recalculates answers when variables are changed.
Can use formulae & functions to work out answers
Can replicate/drag down formulae so that don't have to keep retyping them when you are doing several…


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