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System Lifecycle
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) A company has a problem that they have analysed. Before the solution is implemented it must be designed.
Identify four things that need to be designed. [4]
Four answers from:
Design any documents needed
Design the data structures…

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One answer from:
Interview people who use the current system
Ask people who use the current system to complete questionnaires
Observe the current system being used
Collect documents that the company use & analyse them
b) State two items that would be included in an analyst's report. [2]
Two answers…

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If it speeds up the time taken to serve students but this doesn't result in
more students using the canteen they might need fewer staff on the tills
because fewer staff will be able to serve the same number of students in
less time than before
An IT technician might…

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7) A software company has developed some new software for preparing school reports. It sends a copy of the
software on CD-ROM to teachers and asks them to try it. Afterwards the company manager writes an evaluation.
Describe the sections that should be included in the evaluation. [6]
Six answers…

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Get rid of name & address The user's name & address isn't needed for the purpose of the
survey & if the survey is anonymous it might encourage people
to be more honest.
9) The manager of a local cinema has employed a systems analyst to update the present administration…

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method is best to use
will depend on the
different circumstances.
c) Describe one other stage that will need to be undertaken before the system is updated. [2]
Any paired answer from:
He may need to produce a feasibility report [1 mark] so the manager can make the decision whether…

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The costs may be less than other methods as only one system is being used.
All training could be done in one go.
- Phased implementation.
Less of a `shock' to people running the system as they have more time to get used to the new system.
Problems with the…

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Design any validation that is needed [[1 mark] to automate the error checking on input data. [1 mark]
Design the user interface [1 mark] to ensure that users will find the switch from 1 system to another as stress free
as possible. [1 mark]
Design backup procedures [1 mark] to…

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a) State two reasons why documentation is important. [2]
Two answers from:
providing the user with instructions on how to use the new system so they know how to use it properly
recording the development/what was done so that if problems occur a way to fix them can be worked…

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Examples of input e.g. forms, examples of output e.g. reports, letters & output screens
22) a) There are a number of stages in the development of a new ICT system. State four tasks carried out during the
design stage. [4]
Four answers from:
Design of documents
Design of data structure…





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