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Internet: a worldwide/global network connected through
internet telecommunication links using TCP/IP protocols
services ISP (internet service provider) offers
· parental settings: parents to control viewable content
· home page: display ISP specific content/facilities/help
· links to other sites: access to ISP recognized sites
· bulletin boards: electronic notice board to hold posted messages from members
· chat rooms: like minded users to converse using ICR
· news: up to date world wide events/weather
· search engine: user to find information
· browser: user to access web page
· tutorials: show user how to navigate the web
· spam protection: prevent/filter unsolicited e mails
· virus protection: block unwanted programs
· firewalls: prevent unauthorized access
· spyware: prevent unauthorized monitoring of computer system
· video conferencing: using internet to communicate visually
· VIOP: allows users with the same ISP to use the internet as a phone which is cheaper
· dedicated modem/broadband connection: connect to the ISP/internet
· web hosting: user to create own website
· online support service: provide instant help
· instant messaging: users converse over the internet…read more

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· use of communication links/internet between two people who are geographically separated
· more than two people can be involved
· can see and hear each other, video conference
holding meetings by video conference
fewer accommodation/travel costs
no venue needs to be hired
time is saved travelling to conference
don't have to carry documents to meeting
conference can be called at short notice
disabled people don't have to travel
less travel leads to lower environmental impact
less risk of employees affected by incidents
recordings of meeting can be kept
less social contact with other workers
need to organize work around conference time
time may be inconvenient
time differences may need to be considered
cost of equipment
technical problems with power supply, signal,
connection, equipment
time lag, picture break up may cause problems
can only take place if all have correct equipment…read more

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· working from home/remotely
teleworking · being in direct communication with
organization/head office/manager using video
conferencing, phone, fax, modem, PC, email,
internet, spreadsheet, database, word processor
employee working from home
less money spent on travel, more
disposable income
less time spent on travel, more time for employee working from home
leisure and with family x less idea sharing with other workers
less congestion on roads, less irritating x a lot of freedom, need more self motivation
when travelling/risk of accident on way to x family can disturb worker
work/more environmentally friendly x less social interaction with management
can work when suitable, no need to x difficult to find work space
keep office hours
don't have to get up so early
can work at own pace, less immediate
fewer distractions, more productive
use equipment provided by company,
no need to buy own computer
can claim tax allowance for use of home
don't have to live close to work
easier for disabled people/housebound…read more

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website features not available in desktop published version
· sound/music: background music, talking, helps visually impaired
· video: films of performances
· hyperlinks/drop down menus: move from one place to another,
through pages, websites
· animation: could have moving text
· slideshow: of pictures
· search engine: can find specific items
· blogs/forums: events, discuss issues
· pop ups: newsflashes
· downloads: files
· interactive elements: quiz, games…read more

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data protection act
· must register with the DPA
· information obtained/processed lawfully
· data held only for one or more specified and lawful purpose
· data not be used for anything other than that specified purpose
· data must be accurate, kept up to date
· data must not be transferred to countries without any adequate DPA
· data not be kept for longer than necessary
· individual whose data is held is entitled to be informed, of any data that is held
· individual can have access to such data held by them
· appropriately corrected or erase data
· data must be secure
· personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive…read more

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