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unauthorized · unauthorized access/without permission
· to a computer/system/data/information
prevent unauthorized people from accessing information
· user IDs: identify user to system computer virus
· passwords: on files/folders, for security, make more ·
secure use numbers/letters, change regularly, three program/application/software/code
attempts and account lock out, prevent password · copies/replicates itself from one
cracking computer to another
· set access rights: for security/control access to files, · damages, detects, alters corrupts
restrict access to authorized users files
· firewalls: prevent access by unauthorized computers, · alters way computer works, stops
all access only to authorized data packets it from working
· virtual private networks: make connection invisible
to others on internet, make connection secure avoid virus risk obtaining/installing
· monitor access/antispyware: detect intrusions package
sending alerts, raise the alarm · request software on CD-ROM, not
· physical security measures: prevent misuse of download
computers, locked room, bars/blinds on windows · don't download a pirate
· advertise laws Computer Misuse Act: imposes copy/share software
penalties for hacking · purchase from reputable suppliers
· encryption of data: scrambling/encoding data, · use/install antivirus software
readable only to key holder unreadable to others, stolen
but can't be read
· removable media: store away from computer
· shut down/log off: can't access without password…read more

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change password type twice
· prevent spelling error, mistyping, typing errors
· verification
user names needed
· identify user to system, allow access to storage area
password needed
· security, prevent unauthorized access
advice when choosing passwords
· mixture of characters, upper/lower case letters, numbers
· able to easily remember
· keep secret, don't tell anyone
· don't write down anywhere
· suitable length
· not personal, real dictionary word
· change regularly
· three attempts then account lock out, prevent password cracking…read more

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software copyright
· not copied/shared without permission/payment
· not used in public performance without permission/payment
· employees can't be forced to use/distribute unlicensed software
· copyright lasts authors life plus 50 years
prevent illegal copying of graphics software
· copy protection on CD-ROM
· use of license key/password
· license agreement
· use of internet to validate software
· software sends back data to developer when in use
· checking computer unique ID
· Digital Rights Management (DRM)
· warning notices for copyright, theft
· unlicensed software not fully functional…read more

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email advantages of email
· easily sent to more than one
person at the same time
send an article by email · individual email cheaper
· write email/subject · attach attachments/files
· attach article · can be forwarded
· address email, then send · stored electronically
email message addressed to several people · sending/response quicker
· multiple addresses, group list · writing style can be formal/informal
· carbon copy, blind carbon copy · hyperlinks can be used
· can be printed, make back ups
problems & solutions emailing important documents · can request automatic receipt/read
· email intercepted/accessed by unauthorized notification
person: use encryption/passwords on documents · can receive anywhere with internet
· email not delivered/lost: ask for read/return receipt access
· recipients have to ask to receive their email: set · electronic copy for reference
up automatic email requesting disadvantage of email
· viruses attached to emails: use antivirus software · can be insecure
· original/legal documents can't be sent: no · can be misinterpreted/impersonal
immediate solution · no guarantee of delivery or reply
· email corrupted: resend email · can be misfiled/overlooked
· attachments too large: change email provider, · can be altered, not suitable for
user compression software, subdivide attachments legal documents
· sent to junk folder: flag as not junk, add sender to · emails can carry viruses
address book…read more

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interface box
internet digital
sensors connected to interface box not directly to computer telephone line,
· sensors send analogue data, computers use only digital data, no modem
interface box converts data · no need to
· protect computer input circuits, users from getting electric shocks convert data as
· can connect more than one sensor at the same time its already digital
anemometer connected to interface box
· protect computer input circuitry analogue: continuous variable, all
· convert analogue data to digital data values in a range
· sensors output analogue, computers require digital: discrete, only two values
· store data before passing it to computer
hardware device for dial up connection
· modem: converts to/from analogue data to/from digital data, demodulates/modulates signals
digital broadband preferred than dial up connection
· always on/anytime access to internet: no need to actively connect
· central database: available all the time
· high speed connections: faster downloads of files/no interruptions/won't time out, faster
loading of pages
· telephone line is left free/don't need a second line: for voice, fax use
· email delivered from server as it arrives at server: no need to request it
· more than one computer/user: can access internet at once…read more

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