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R evi
n per
Warming up involves increasing the oxygen supply to the muscles so that they
become increasingly flexible and moveable. It means that it is not as easy to gain an
injury through dancing with inflexible and `cold' muscles. It also…

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Strength ­ capacity to exert a muscle contraction against resistance. A strong body
moves freely and effectively and the aim should have all-around strength. Improve -->
frequency, intensity and duration

Stamina ­ the staying power.

Muscular ­ ability to continue to contract over a period of time. Speed will

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Then research, getting more information and ideas about what to base it on, after this
improvise to create spontaneous movement.

Improvisation... is allowing spontaneous and simultaneous exploring, creating and
performing. It is the creative movement of the moment

The dancer in performance

Projection ­ involves throwing the energy out from…

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Condensing and expanding --> making motif/movement smaller/bigger by using
dynamic or more/less of body

Retrograde --> perform motif/phrase backwards.

Canon -->involves one or more dancers performing motifs at different times, creating
visual complexity and is also a way of highlighting important motifs.

1) Simple canon ­ strict order, one dancer…

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