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Flexibility and Stretching…read more

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There are 5 different types of stretching that can be used to develop/
improve your flexibility.…read more

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This is where you stretch a group of muscles to their farthest point,
and then hold it.
E.g. stand in parallel and step forwards onto the right leg into a lunge,
with weight over the front leg. Your left heel will be off the ground,
and then gently lower the heel down to stretch the calves.…read more

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Is where a stretch is held for a period of time and then released and
held order to increase the range of movement.
E.g. sat with knees bent in to chest. With your nose on your knees,
straighten out the legs, hold and then repeat trying to get further…read more

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Involves resistance of muscles through tensing of the stretched
E.g. standing facing a wall in a lunge position, as you stretch you push
against the wall creating resistance.…read more

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A combination of passive and isometric stretching
E.g One dance lays on the floor holding a leg for a hamstring stretch.
Another dancer holds the other leg down, and pushes gently on the
leg stretching to create resistance, and to get the leg further down…read more

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