Dance AS

Dance AS

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Relationship between dance and music

  • 1) Call and response - This is like a conversation when the music or dance calls and the other responds. i.e. in Swansong - the guards and the viticim when being interrogated. 
  • 2) Narrative - The music and dance express the same idea or tell the same story. i.e. The Car Man
  • 3) Direct Correlation - where the dance and music work together/fit together. i.e Rooster and Paint it Black
  • 4) Music Visualisation - When the dance follows the rhythmic, melodic and harmonic lines in the music. i.e. Rooster (it sings 'the dog begins to bark' then thud thud thud thud and the dancers jerk at the same time) and The Car Man-gunshots, showers.
  • 5) Mutual co-existence - Dance and music are created independently from each other but may share the same tempo/theme/directive. i.e. Episodes.
  • 6) Disassociation - Dance and music created indepentently from each other and when performed only share time and space.
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The 5 Choreographic Principles

Action: Elevation, rotation, locomotion, gesture and transference of weight.

Relationships: Solo, duo, trio (etc), complementary unison, contrasting unison, complementary canon, contrasting canon, juxtapose.

Dynamics: Quality, weight, bound, flow, continuity, energy.

Space: Pathways, facings, direction, kinaesphere, levels

Time: Faster/slower, varying rhythms/syncopation

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The Car Man

Actions -> Stag gesture, barrel roll, wiping forehead, standing jump to fall, stradle leap, horse riding gesture, graham spiral fall, fall backwards initiated by right arm, use of prop (tyre), 180 degree turn, chopping gesture on thigh, arabesque (front & back), lunges, split leap, knee turn, stepping onto heels (transference of weight), threatening gesture, punching gesture, roundhouse kick to spin.

Dynamics -> (bound, flow, timings, fast, slow, energy). Middle-fast gestures, flow from one to another but also sharp. flowing arm gesture (windmill arm followed to arm around body into turning of the torso left then right into a spin) 

Relationships -> forground and background unison throughout, juxaposition, tansference of weight and wiping of the brow to create the idea of a chaotic and tiring work environment, Solo work-right punch air and then joined by another dancer, unison, duo and trio-punching and kicking, barrel roll into duo.

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