Constant Speed

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  • Constant Speed - Mark Baldwin, 2005
    • Themes
      • Dance created to mark Einstein's centenary year
      • Dance based around 3 theories: Brownian motion, Photoelectric effect and Special relativity
        • Brownian motion - the erratic random movement of microscopic particles in fluid due to the continuous bombardment of molecules in the surrounding medium
        • Photoelectric effect - the observation that metals emit electrons when light shines upon them, they are called photo electrons
        • Special relativity - a physical theory of relativity based on the assumption that the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant and the assumption that the laws of physics are invariant in all inertial systems
    • Costume Design - Michael Howells
      • Women in White
        • White floaty dresses - light, see through; white underclothes; white bobble hat - swim hat like
          • Shows they are particles
      • Men in Red
        • Skin tight red jumpsuits with no sleeves
          • Colours to show the different colours in the spectrum
      • Blue: Men and Women
        • Women in blue ruffled layered dress with material around neck and a ball on their head
      • Mirror Ball
        • Woman in orange dress with an orange ball on her head
      • Gold and silver waltz
        • Couple appear in green - woman in green dress with sleeves and ball on her head, man in green jumpsuit, no sleeves
        • Dark blue layered dress
        • Red, ornage, yellow and blue jumpsuits
        • Orange dress
        • Pink and yellow layered dresses with balls on head
    • Lighting Design - Samantha McNern
      • Blue: Men and Women
        • Red line changes to blue
        • Blue lights on stage
      • Blue and Red
        • Same lighting as previous
        • Blue line in wall goes
      • Men in Red
        • Red panel in back wall
        • Bright red lights on stage to highlight costume colour
        • Back panel changes to 'T' shaped space and then to a horizontal line across back of stage
      • Mirror ball
        • Red light projected on stage
        • Whits  light projected onto mirror ball from above
      • Women in White
        • Flashing lights at start
        • Bright white lights
        • White panel in wall revealed at end
      • Gold and Silver Waltz
        • Bright white  lights
        • Changes to light blue for solo
        • Stays with hints of blue to make it less harsh
    • Set Design - Michael Howells
      • No constant set for the performance
      • Giant mirror ball is lowered for the Mirror ball section
        • Shows how the colours in the photoelectric effect can be projected
    • Music
      • All music used has been taken from 1905
      • Franz Lehar, famous composer of that time period


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