Crowded Coasts - Development :Dibden Bay

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Dibden Bay
Dibden Bay is located in Southampton water, Hampshire, South West England.
Southampton water is part of the estuary of the rivers Test and Itchen. It is a ria, with
Southampton lying at its northern end.
The area has huge advantages for industry:
It is sheltered from storms in the English channel
It has deep water channels for large ships
Around the estuary is a broad area of flat land for development
Pressure Explanation Environmental impact
Expansion of suburbs and There is a growth in Problems trying to build
villages. employment so more housing without building into the New
needs to be built and squeezed Forest National Park or trying
into the area. to build on the
shore-destroying habitats and
there is more pollution because
of congestion from the local
The oil refinery at Fawley. Flood defences destroyed- Salt marsh reduced in size.
salt marshes ­ destroying Metal pollution. Effluent
habitats. Handles 2000 ships. (liquid waste) piped out into
Oil is needed for everything the sea. Destruction of flood
and takes up a lot of space. defences.
Sewage and industrial Sewage has been dumped. Sea pollution, destruction of
discharge. There is lots of housing ­ habitats, 300 million litres of
creating pressures on the sewage, eutrophication.
The container port at Dibden Competition for land - busy Fuel spills ­ ships, congestion,
Bay. area, more lorries. traffic, pollution, destruction
of habitats, dredging.
Sailing/ leisure craft. Conflict between big ships. Littering, overcrowding, noise
pollution, disrupting habitats,
Why did abp want the container port?
More competition.
Other container ports like Felixstowe are bigger
Would cost £700 million and take a year to build and would be capable of handling six
container ships at a time
Dredging the estuary bed to make it deeper would allow larger ships further inland, and
could accommodate the large cruise ships, which often use Southampton.

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New access to the A326 and new rail link would be built
How did people react?
Many protests
Is a sssi because of its salt marsh ecosystem
Supports over 50,000 water birds each winter and migrating birds
Loss of aesthetic view
Increased fuel spills
Impact negatively on the New Forest National Park
Stakeholder's/key players
Associated British Ports (ABP)
Southampton City Council
Confederation of British industry
Transport and general workers' union
Council for National Parks
English Nature
Hampshire County Council
Local Parish Councils
Local…read more


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