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So what caused the Crimean war? For a start the Russian expansion scared Britain. Particularly, their
desire to add turkey to their empire because of its strategic position controlling the exit from the
black sea to the Mediterranean which Britain needed to maintain. Additionally, there were religious
quarrels between France…

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Particularly, The Great Storm of 1854 meant over £3 million worth of stores were destroyed by the
sinking of 30 ships on the 14th November. This happened because the boats were not let into the
harbour. The men also became increasingly angry that throughout the storm, Lord Cardigan was

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Mary Seacole arrived at the crimea much later in May 1855 and set up a hotel where she successfully
treated cholera victims. She learned her nursing skills from her mother and took a lot of inspiration
from her. She was born in Jamaica, where she cured yellow fever in 1853,…


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