Key Dates of the Crimean War

Key Dates of the Crimean War.

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Key Dates of the Crimean War.
May Menshikov issues Russian demands
July Russian troops move into Wallachia & Moldavia
Battle of Sinope ­ Russia destroys Turkish Fleet
May 18,000 allied troops land at Varna
June Britain told to invade the Crimea
Sept. Allies leave Varna for the Crimea
Battle of the Alma ­ allies defeat Russia ­ clear road to
Oct. Allied bombardment of Sebastopol begins
Nov. Battle of Balaclava ­ `thin red line' & Charge of the Light Brigade
Nightingale & 38 nurses arrive in the Crimea
The Great Storm ­ large quantity of supplies lost
Terrible Russian Weather
Spring Seacole establishes the `British Hotel'
Mar. Fenton arrives in the Crimea
June Raglan dies
Sept. Russian evacuate Sebastopol
McNeillTulloch report published
Feb. Armistice signed
Mar. Treaty of Paris signed


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