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Crimean War Aftermath
A summary of the outcomes and
reforms the Crimean war
presented.…read more

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Nightingale Fund
29th November 1855
· Sidney Herbert launches a national appeal, upon
the wave of national enthusiasm.
· Herbert aimed to raise funds for their scheme to
improve female nursing standards.
· A committee was set up with Herbert as the
honorary secretary.
· Money flooded; including a diamond brooch from
Queen Victoria.
· A Nightingale Training School was set up.…read more

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Post-War for Seacole
· The end of the War left `Seacole and Day' in the
Crimea bankrupt and with unsellable stock.
· Seacole and Thomas Day made their way back to
England on several steam ships.
· They set up a provisions store in the garrison
town of Aldershot ­ but it failed within months.
· By October 1856, she was renting rooms in
· Seacole wrote a book `Wonderful Adventure of
Mary Seacole in Many Lands' the royalties paid for
her in old age.…read more

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McNeill-Tulloch Report
February 1855
· The British government, appalled by reports of
mismanagement and poor supplies, orders Sir John
McNeill & Colonel Alexander Tulloch to go to the
· McNeill & Tulloch were given two sets of instructions:
­ To investigate the public side of the supply chain.
­ To investigate the military side of the affair.
· The Report causes furore, highlighting civilian
mismanagement and military negligence, despite a
whitewash by an Army Board of Enquiry.…read more

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Cardwell's Army Reforms
· Parliament agree several acts to improve the
conditions of Britain's military and supply lines.
­ War Office formed from various departments.
­ Country divided into regimental districts.
­ Length of overseas service cut from 12 to 6 years.
­ Purchase of promotions abolished.
­ C-in-C made answerable to the Secretary of War.
­ Flogging of soldiers in peacetime abolished.
­ Soldiers could chose to be in the reserves, 4d per day.…read more


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