Reporting during Crimean War

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  • Took radical slant
  • employed WILLIAM RUSSEL - first modern war reporter


  • didn't have permission to go to the crimea from the amry or the government.
  • He exposed appalling conditions and administrative incompetence.
  • He reported bravery of soldiers when it impressed him
  • Not all William Russels accounts can be seen to be 100% accurate and sources suggest that he wasn't present at many of the battles and he was very anti turk and french.
  • Did much to sway the publics opinion against the war and for reform.

Why was the army so worried?     - The Times was the most important and widely read newspaper                     - Influencial people would read his reports

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FENTON - First and most influencial photographer in CRIMEA - worked for commercial company - Only in CRIMEA for 4 months - Photos shocked people - Thousands visited his exhibition - No dead bodies in photos

Impact of Reporting

  • Public became very involved directly through media
  • Independant sources of information
  • TIMES FUND set up to alleviate suffering (paid for Nightengale to go)
  • TIMES EFFECT fully felt
  • Use of telegraph sped up news
  • Started trend fo war correspondants
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