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Kayleigh NobleTopic 4- Right RealismA2- Sociology

Topic 4- Realist theories, Right Realism:

Right realists share the New Right and Neo-conservative political outlook. They
support policies in place to roll back the welfare state along with the strong
commitment to law enforcement. They take a `tough' outlook on crime, including

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Kayleigh NobleTopic 4- Right RealismA2- Sociology

Biological Differences:

James Q. Wilson & Richard J. Herrnstein (1985).
Biosocial theory of criminal behaviour. In their view crime is caused by a combination
of biological and social factors.
Biological differences make some people inevitably more likely to commit crime than
others. Personality traits…

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Kayleigh NobleTopic 4- Right RealismA2- Sociology

Offenders are presumed to act rationally, therefore the presence of a guardian would
deter them from offending.
Informal guardians are more effective than formals ones such as the police. For
example patrols from the community to protect property deter looting and crime



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