crime and deviance with research methods

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Theory and methods
Consensus, conflict, structural and social action theories [ ]
Concept of modernity and post-modernity [ ]
Is sociology a science (Comte, Durkheim, Popper, Kuhn, Realism, Weber,
Blumer and Phenomenology) [ ]
Classical sociology (Enlightenment, Marx, Durkheim and Weber) [ ]
Symbolic Interactionism (Mead, Blumer and Goffman). [ ]
Feminist methodology (Weak and strong thesis and Postmodern feminism) [ ]
Relating theory to method [ ]
Is sociology value free? [ ]
Relationship between theory and method [ ]
Crime and deviance linked to theory and methods
Use of official statistics in crime [ ]
Use of observation in crime [ ]
Use of interviews in crime [ ]
Use of documents in crime [ ]
Crime and deviance
Difference between crime and deviance (Deviance as relative) [ ]
Biological explanation of crime (Lombroso) [ ]
Psychological explanation of crime (Eysenck) [ ]
Traditional Marxism (Marx, Gordon and Chambliss) [ ]
Functionalism and crime (Durkheim, Cohen and Merton) [ ]
Subcultural theory (Merton's strain theory, Cohen, Cloward and Ohlin
Miller and Matza). [ ]
Interactionism (Becker, Lemert, Cicourel and Young) [ ]
New Criminology (Taylor, Walton, Young and Hall) [ ]
Left Realism (Young, Matthews and Lea) [ ]
Right Realism (Wilson, Murray and Hirschi) [ ]
Postmodernism (Lea) [ ]
Media and crime (S.Cohen, deviance amplification model and moral panics) [ ]
Globalisation and crime (transnational crime, green crime, state and human
Rights crimes) [ ]
Ethnicity and crime (official statistics, Macpherson report, Phillips and Bowling
and Hood). [ ]
Gender and crime (sex role theory, official statistics, Carlen, Heidensohn
and Messerschmidt) [ ]
Social class and crime [ ]

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Age and crime (official statistics, control theory, Cohen) [ ]
Location and crime (The Chicago School, Shaw and McKay, Mawby and
Xantos area offence rates) [ ]
Social crime control, prevention, and punishment (Pease, structural and societal
approaches, individual approaches, situation approach, social policy and crime) [ ]
Suicide (Durkheim, Atkinson, Taylor and Douglas) [ ]…read more


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