Cowboys and Cattlemen Key Dates

Key dates and events in the American West to do with Cowboys and Cattlement topic

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1845 Texas becomes a state. English Longhorn breed with Mexican Criollos
1860 Oliver Loving drives first herd from Texas to Colorado
1861 5 Cattlemen leave their herds to join war. Charles Goodnight's herd rose
from 180 to 5000
1867 Builds first cow town Abilene in 60 days with Chisholm Trail and Kansas
Pacific Railroad running through it, later succeeded by Dodge City and
1868 Charles Goodnight drives huge herd across GoodnightLoving trail to
John Iliff in Wyoming to supply Union Pacific Railroaders
1871 Peak year for Long Drive with 600,000 cattle driven North. Trails were
around 12,000 miles, 15 miles a day covered on average
18867 Harsh winter kills on average 30% of cattle in herds
Late 1880s Demand for higher quality meat led ranchers to abandon the open range
for the more economic closed farms. Longhorns were bred with
Herefords for a more tender beef
Cowboys And Cattlemen Key Dates


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