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Key Question 3: What were the consequences of the spread of cattle ranching to
the Plains?

How and why did cattle ranching spread to the Plains?
The Spanish settlers in Texas brought with them both horses, which had already
transformed the Indian way of life, and…

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by gangs, the most notorious being Jesse James' gang who went twelve years without
being caught. Trial Robbery targeted travellers, stage coaches and Pony Express
riders (the government built forts along routes to try and protect them). Train were
full of gold, cash and cattle and so were very appealing…

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grass to dry up. Then the winter of '87 was the coldest in living memory, reaching -68
degrees. Cattle could not reach the grass and died of starvation. However due to the
production of 36,600 tonnes of the new barbed-wire invented by Joseph Gliddon in
1874, cattlemen realised that they…


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Detailed notes on cattle ranching and the key issues associated with it. Use this information to create your own summarised version, mind map or practise an exam question.

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