history - cowboys and cattlemen


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  • cowboys + cattlemen
    • difficulties they faced
      • dangerous animals
      • dieases
      • illness
      • lack of supply
    • 1880s cattlemen from texas in the south began to set up ranches on the great plains.they found the great plains was good for cattle ranching
    • charles goodnight + oliver loving  - they were the first to drive out cattle out of texas to the north (there route became known as the goodnight - loving trail) ( loving died in 1867 fighting indians)
    • Joseph McCoy - he is a cattle dealer, his cow town is in a ideal place. (it is on the route of the kansas pacificrailroad
    • why did cowboys move cattle out of texas? - greater demand for beef, cattle herds were much bigger so realised they couldnt sell their beef to people.
    • how did cattle trails change the life of a cowboy? - indians -posed another threat. some of them were friendly + allowed the herds to pass on payment.- weather + landscape - cowboys were exposed to blistering hot days + torrentail rain. also dangers at river. - stampedes
    • cowboys lst there freedom due to the invention of barbed wire and wind pumps
      • small fenced ranches changed the life of a cowboy as : - no more trails - round ups were smaller - fewer cowboys needed - less profit avalible
    • james britin - 1881 "beef bonazna" he wrote a manual - everything you need to know to get rich from open range farming!


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