Contextual linking

Quotes that can be used in Q1 of the exam

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Contextual linking
The Shropshire Lad by A.E.Housman
It is about soldiers who have died and are fighting in the service of Queen
Victoria. The pride of the soldiers can be seen.
Relates to poverty as those who are poor have no pride, they have nothing
to be proud of.
Also the poor as mostly those who become soldiers as they no other choice
The poem also shows how they are dependent on each other.
o "You and I must keep from shame"
o "Friends at home they leave behind"
o "Still you'll help me, hands that gave / A grasp to friend me to the grave"
A Shropshire Lad by Betjeman
Is about Captain Webb and his life
Shows the changes in landscape
Concentrates on the smokier aspects of the county
A parody of the poem by Housman
o "The gas was on in the institute"
o "The sun shone low on the railway line"
o "And round by Coalbrookdale"- where the main part of the industrial
revolution was
The Convent Threshold by Christina Rossetti
It is about entering heaven and being reunited with her lover.
Shows the dreams of a women and her dedication to love
The poem presents a fantasy love story that many women dream of, linking
to Romeo and Juliet
Shows a stereotypical women dreaming of her future with her prince
charming Continuously refers to God and Angels
Refers to faith
Shows how heaven is the paradise
o "There's blood between us"
o "Why will you die? Why will you die?"
o "Only my lips still turn to you / My livid lips that cry , Repent"
o "They bore the Cross"
o "If Saints and Angels spoke of love"
o "Surely, clean Angels cry, she prays"
Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A collection of sonnets to describe her love for Robert Browning
These showed the love of a wife towards her husband
Showed a women's emotions

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I love thee"
o " He wished to have me in his sight"
o "O love, thy words have ill availed, / If what this said, I dared repeat at last!"
In Memoriam by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Experiences of mourning his dead friend
Questioning of God after reading Lyell's ideas
Shows the crisis of religious faith during the Victorian period
Argument between nature and religion
Reference to humanity
o "Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all"…read more

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Centres around a young girl who lives in a potteries area of Staffordshire and
is fighting for her freedom against her father's restraints.…read more

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Is about a young boy called Oliver who has to struggle after becoming an
Oliver is a classic example of the state many children were in
The book showed how children were treated and the only options they had to
feed themselves
Cruelty is shown towards the poor and children
o "The relief was inseparable from the workhouse and the gruel, and that
frightened people.…read more

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Writer is being sympathetic towards women and their struggle to escape
This shows the problem many women had to escape poverty
The class of Vivie Warren can be seen by her language
o "She called herself a widow"
o "What did they get by their respectability?"
o "The house in Brussels was real high class; a much better place for a women"
o "How can I feel sure that I may not have the contaminated blood of that
brutal waster in my veins?"…read more


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