Eating Out notes

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  • Eating Out
    • Structure
      • Enjambment
        • "Later,/ Father introduced London Cuisine"
          • Represent the waiting between 'now' & 'later'
        • "not/to eat all the petit fours"
          • Emphasis on negative, fathers autocratic nature
      • Last line is single line
        • Persona is now on own (represents death of parent) / mothers independence after fathers death / comparison to rest of poem's couplets
    • Figurative language
      • "heavy on my arm"
        • metaphor to show how father weights her down, even when he is old. strong influence
      • "Choice of cutlery supervised"
        • juxtaposition, contradiction, illusion of freedom / shows dictating father
      • "indigestible"
        • relates to how child cannot uphold expected behaviour / pun relating to discomfort of situation
    • Word Choice
      • "ritual consumption of lobster"
        • exclusive to upper class / connotations of religion and tradition
      • "Mother"/"Father"
        • No pronoun - formal / no personal pronoun - distant/ not close family unit/detached old fashioned
      • "conscientiously"
        • carefully
      • "adventures" "unknown" / "rehearsed"
        • contrast - adult eating experiences imposed on a child, stiffling
      • "recover"
        • Great effort/ makes persona tired.
    • Contextual Factors
      • CoP
        • poem is probably autobiographical
        • U A Fanthorpe grew up in upper-class family
      • CoR
        • Fanthorpe showing growing up in upper class is not easy as people think
          • CoP
            • poem is probably autobiographical
            • U A Fanthorpe grew up in upper-class family
        • Some readers would be in same position and sympathise
        • Audience get insight into lives of upper class children
    • Links
      • Text 19:transcript
        • experience dining out
        • Dining out with family - vs - dining out with friends
        • simple vs luxerious
      • Text 18
        • luxurious/simple / relationship with parents
      • Grandpas Soup
        • food can influence childhood / happy&sad memories / relationship with adults


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