Write about the ways Coleridge tells the story in part 4 of the poem (21 marks)

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Write about some of the ways Colerdige tells the story in part 4 of the poem (21 marks, should take half an hour in the REAL exam, focuses on AO2 which is language, structure and form). Plan:

- Interruption by wedding guest:
Coleridge deliberately introduces the voice of the wedding guest in part 4 of the poem to disjoint the chronology of the the narration of the Mariner's tale, which is in the ballad style and links heavily to the oral tradition. WHY? In order to show the natural progression of the story through the course of time and reminds the reader that this tale is a recollection of events, and to an extent through these interjections the story becomes more believable.  

-Use of lexical techniques:

Coleridge's use of alliteration in the poem, "alone, alone, all alone" which have perhaps included to highlight the fact that the Mariner's memory is not quite all there, and hence he has to pause and is isolated from the story as he perhaps does not enjoy…


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